Online Training Session 1, Part A

Basics of the software: running it for the first time, varibles, expressions, some simple commands.

1. Introduction

Information on Hangout, Google Plus, overall plan for training sessions, other possible sources for help.

2. Basics

Basics, outline, atlas files, directories, some useful Linux commands for atlas

3. First Command

1+1=2, software basics: setting variables, data types, quit command.

4. atlas Scripts

The atlas-scripts directory, .at files, help files:,installation, software requirements, designing principles of axis language, lists of data types,,

5. More Commands and Shortcuts

Comments, {TAB TAB}, command completion, readline library test,more useful Linux shortcuts, whattype command, operations on integers: division rounding down, remainder, n-tuples, print, prints

6. Redefining Variables, Vector Operations

Redefining variables, the “:” syntax, vectors, vec:, arrays, vector coordinates, operations on vectors, operations on different types.

7. Operator $, %, and booleans

Use of $ rational vectors, % on rational vectors, booleans

8. Matrix Operations

Matrices, mat:, arrays of integer arrays, matrix operations, transpose, invert commands.

9. Loading Files

Loading .at files, < input command, launching atlas with path argument for supplementary files, file.

10. Inverse

Inverse command, invertible matrices over \(\mathbb{Z}\).

11. File Output

File output command: > outputfile, append command: >>

12. Solving Matrix Equations

Solving matrix equations, null space.

13. Functions, Types, etc.

Functions, definitions, input and output types, example of functions scripts, basic for loops

14. Loops

for loops, while loops in, examples of such loops in .at files