Help files

To know more about the different commands and data types of the software you can quit atlas, go to the directory atlas-scripts and look for the help file This file has more general information about how the software works, how to use it and how it compares with the Fokko program. It gives an introduction of the software and how to install it. If you go to “#3. Design principles of the axis language, and current limitations,” scrolling down you will find information about the details covered in the present document including the list of data types used by the software. Some of them are bool for boolean, int for integer, rat for rational, etc.; and some are related to Lie groups, like LieType,``RootDatum``, etc. that we will see later in these notes.

This is the most useful help file that lists all the operations and functions defined in atlas. It describes their domain and range (data types); starting from the basic symbol operators +, _, *, to booleans, to word operators like null that takes an integer n to the zero n-vector, to invert and diagonalize, which act on matrices, etc.