Miscellaneous Commands

Some operations, including the type checker, can be made more verbose by giving the command:

atlas> set verbose

which remains in effect until a subsequent command:

atlas> set quiet

is given.

One can ask the state of all known identifiers by typing:

atlas> showall

which prints the type and value of every defined function and variable. If one just needs to know the type of one expression, one can type:

atlas> whattype expr

This performs type analysis of the expression and prints the result, but does not evaluate anything. Overloaded function names by themselves are not a valid expressions, so this form cannot be used to find out function overloading. However by suffixing a question mark to the command, it will print the types of all overloads of the given (function or operator) symbol:

atlas> whattype + ?
Overloaded instances of +

Finally when you get tired of using atlas, type:

atlas> quit