Installation – Trouble Shooting

During the compile process, errors may occur. This page will help you fix errors regarding:

The readline package

If you see an error about readline, you probably need to install the readline package. The readline package to provide very useful command line tools, including CTRL-p for previous line, tab completion, etc.

To compile atlas with readline you need the development version of readline. To install this under Linux Debian-based systems (including Ubuntu), do:

sudo apt-get install libreadline-dev

On redhat-like systems do:

sudo yum install libreadline-dev

This line in the makefile tells the software where to find the readline library:

rlincludes = -lreadline -lcurses

On some systems it is necessary to replace -lcurses with -lncurses.


If all else fails, you can compile the software without readline make readline = false.

ctanglex error

If you see:

ctanglex: Command not found

this means you need to install CWEBx. It is included in our distribution of atlas. You can find the subdirectory “cwebx”. Running make under that directory should compile cwebx and generate cwebx/ctanglex and cwebx/cweavex.


The file sources/interpreter/Makefile tells the compiler to look for these executables. If you move the cwebx directory, or want to use different versions you must edit this Makefile.

Compiler error

Your g++ version should be newer than version 9.3. To check your g++ version, do:

g++ --version

If you are using a C++ compiler that’s not g++, you need to edit Makefile. Find the line:

C++ = g++

replace g++ with your C++ compiler.