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atlas::blocks::partial_nblock_help Struct Reference
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Public Member Functions

 partial_nblock_help (RealReductiveGroup &GR, const SubSystem &subsys, y_part_hash &hy, block_hash &hz)
KGBElt conj_in_x (weyl::Generator s, KGBElt x) const
KGBElt conj_out_x (KGBElt x, weyl::Generator s) const
unsigned int length (BlockElt z_inx) const
nblock_elt get (BlockElt z_inx) const
BlockElt lookup (const block_elt_entry &z_entry) const
BlockElt lookup (KGBElt x, KGBElt y) const
BlockElt lookup (const nblock_elt &z) const
BlockElt nblock_below (const nblock_elt &z)
- Public Member Functions inherited from atlas::blocks::nblock_help
 nblock_help (RealReductiveGroup &GR, const SubSystem &subsys)
void cross_act (nblock_elt &z, weyl::Generator s) const
void cross_act_parent_word (const WeylWord &ww, nblock_elt &z) const
void do_up_Cayley (nblock_elt &z, weyl::Generator s) const
void do_down_Cayley (nblock_elt &z, weyl::Generator s) const
bool is_real_nonparity (nblock_elt z, weyl::Generator s) const
void twist (nblock_elt &z) const
y_entry pack_y (const nblock_elt &z) const

Public Attributes

std::vector< BlockEltListpredecessors
- Public Attributes inherited from atlas::blocks::nblock_help
const KGB & kgb
const RootDatum & rd
const SubSystem & sub
const InvolutionTable & i_tab

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

atlas::blocks::partial_nblock_help::partial_nblock_help ( RealReductiveGroup &  GR,
const SubSystem &  subsys,
y_part_hash hy,
block_hash hz 

Member Function Documentation

KGBElt atlas::blocks::partial_nblock_help::conj_in_x ( weyl::Generator  s,
KGBElt  x 
) const
KGBElt atlas::blocks::partial_nblock_help::conj_out_x ( KGBElt  x,
weyl::Generator  s 
) const
nblock_elt atlas::blocks::partial_nblock_help::get ( BlockElt  z_inx) const
unsigned int atlas::blocks::partial_nblock_help::length ( BlockElt  z_inx) const
BlockElt atlas::blocks::partial_nblock_help::lookup ( const block_elt_entry z_entry) const
BlockElt atlas::blocks::partial_nblock_help::lookup ( KGBElt  x,
KGBElt  y 
) const
BlockElt atlas::blocks::partial_nblock_help::lookup ( const nblock_elt z) const
BlockElt atlas::blocks::partial_nblock_help::nblock_below ( const nblock_elt z)

Member Data Documentation

std::vector<BlockEltList> atlas::blocks::partial_nblock_help::predecessors
y_part_hash& atlas::blocks::partial_nblock_help::y_hash
block_hash& atlas::blocks::partial_nblock_help::z_hash

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