atlas  0.6
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atlas::weyl Namespace Reference


class  RowBase
 Represents one row of a transducer table for a Weyl group. More...
struct  TI_Entry
class  Transducer
 Right multiplication action of simple reflections on a Weyl group modulo (to the left) a maximal parabolic subgroup. More...
class  Twist
 A mapping between one interpretation of Generators and another. More...
class  TwistedWeylGroup
class  WeylElt
 Element of a Weyl group. More...
class  WeylGroup
 Represents a Weyl group for the purpose of manipulating its elements. More...
struct  WeylWord


typedef Twist WeylInterface
typedef unsigned char Generator
typedef WeylElt TwistedInvolution
typedef std::vector< WeylEltWeylEltList
typedef std::vector< TwistedInvolutionTwistedInvolutionList
typedef std::vector< signed char > InvolutionWord
typedef RowBase ShiftRow
typedef RowBase OutRow


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &strm, const WeylWord &w)
Twist make_twist (const RootDatum &rd, const WeightInvolution &d)
 Returns the twist defined by |d| relative to |rd|. More...


const WeylElt::EltPiece UndefEltPiece = UndefValue
const Generator UndefGenerator = UndefValue
const unsigned char UndefValue = constants::ucharMax
const unsigned long UndefOrder = 0
const WeylElt Identity

Typedef Documentation

typedef unsigned char atlas::weyl::Generator
typedef std::vector<signed char> atlas::weyl::InvolutionWord
typedef std::vector<WeylElt> atlas::weyl::WeylEltList

Function Documentation

Twist atlas::weyl::make_twist ( const RootDatum &  rd,
const WeightInvolution d 

Returns the twist defined by |d| relative to |rd|.

Precondition: |d| is an involution of the root datum |rd|. If not an involution of the based datum, an appropriate Weyl group action is applied

std::ostream & atlas::weyl::operator<< ( std::ostream &  strm,
const WeylWord w 

Variable Documentation

const WeylElt atlas::weyl::Identity
const WeylElt::EltPiece atlas::weyl::UndefEltPiece = UndefValue
const Generator atlas::weyl::UndefGenerator = UndefValue
const unsigned long atlas::weyl::UndefOrder = 0
const unsigned char atlas::weyl::UndefValue = constants::ucharMax