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atlas::tits::EnrichedTitsGroup Class Reference

#include <tits.h>

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Public Member Functions

 EnrichedTitsGroup (const RealReductiveGroup &)
cartanclass::fiber_orbit f_orbit () const
cartanclass::square_class square () const
bool is_compact (const TorusPart &x, RootNbr n) const
TitsElt backtrack_seed (const InnerClass &G, RealFormNbr rf, size_t cn) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from atlas::tits::TitsCoset
 TitsCoset (const InnerClass &G, Grading base_grading)
 TitsCoset (const InnerClass &G)
 TitsCoset (const InnerClass &G, tags::DualTag)
 ~TitsCoset ()
const TitsGrouptitsGroup () const
const WeylGroup & weylGroup () const
bool hasTwistedCommutation (weyl::Generator s, const TwistedInvolution &tw) const
Grading base_grading () const
bool is_valid (TitsElt a) const
bool simple_grading (const TitsElt &a, size_t s) const
bool simple_imaginary_grading (TorusPart x, RootNbr alpha) const
bool grading (TitsElt a, RootNbr alpha) const
void basedTwistedConjugate (TitsElt &a, size_t s) const
void strict_based_twisted_conjugate (TitsElt &a, size_t s) const
void basedTwistedConjugate (TitsElt &a, const WeylWord &w) const
void basedTwistedConjugate (const WeylWord &w, TitsElt &a) const
void Cayley_transform (TitsElt &a, size_t s) const
void inverse_Cayley_transform (TitsElt &a, size_t s, const SmallSubspace &mod_space) const
TitsElt twisted (const TitsElt &a) const
TorusPart twisted (const TorusPart &t) const

Private Attributes

const cartanclass::StrongRealFormRep srf

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

atlas::tits::EnrichedTitsGroup::EnrichedTitsGroup ( const RealReductiveGroup &  GR)

Member Function Documentation

TitsElt atlas::tits::EnrichedTitsGroup::backtrack_seed ( const InnerClass &  G,
RealFormNbr  rf,
size_t  cn 
) const
cartanclass::fiber_orbit atlas::tits::EnrichedTitsGroup::f_orbit ( ) const
bool atlas::tits::EnrichedTitsGroup::is_compact ( const TorusPart x,
RootNbr  n 
) const
cartanclass::square_class atlas::tits::EnrichedTitsGroup::square ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

const cartanclass::StrongRealFormRep atlas::tits::EnrichedTitsGroup::srf

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