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atlas::standardrepk::KhatContext Class Reference

#include <standardrepk.h>

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Public Member Functions

 KhatContext (RealReductiveGroup &G)
seq_no nr_reps () const
StandardRepK rep_no (seq_no i) const
level height (seq_no i) const
const graded_compareheight_order () const
combination standardize (const StandardRepK &sr)
combination standardize (const Char &chi)
combination truncate (const combination &c, level bound) const
equation mu_equation (seq_no, level bound=~0u)
std::vector< equationsaturate (const std::set< equation > &system, level bound)
matrix::Matrix_base< CharCoeffK_type_matrix (std::set< equation > &system, level bound, std::vector< seq_no > &reps, matrix::Matrix_base< CharCoeff > *direct_p)
combination branch (seq_no s, level bound)
void go (const StandardRepK &sr)
std::ostream & print (std::ostream &strm, const combination &ch, bool brief=false) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from atlas::standardrepk::SRK_context
 SRK_context (RealReductiveGroup &G)
InnerClass & innerClass () const
const RootDatum & rootDatum () const
const WeylGroup & weylGroup () const
const TwistedWeylGroup & twistedWeylGroup () const
const TitsGroup & titsGroup () const
const TitsCoset & basedTitsGroup () const
const TwistedInvolution involution_of_Cartan (size_t cn) const
const Fiber & fiber (const StandardRepK &sr) const
const KGB & kgb () const
const Cartan_infoinfo (size_t cn) const
const BinaryMapdual_reflection (weyl::Generator i) const
HCParam project (size_t cn, Weight lambda) const
Weight lift (size_t cn, HCParam p) const
Weight theta_lift (size_t cn, HCParam p) const
Weight lift (const StandardRepK &s) const
Weight theta_lift (const StandardRepK &s) const
StandardRepK std_rep (const Weight &two_lambda, TitsElt a) const
StandardRepK std_rep_rho_plus (Weight lambda, TitsElt a) const
StandardRepK KGB_elt_rep (KGBElt z) const
RawRep Levi_rep (Weight lambda, TitsElt a, RankFlags gens) const
bool isStandard (const StandardRepK &sr, size_t &witness) const
bool isNormal (Weight lambda, size_t cn, size_t &witness) const
bool isNormal (const StandardRepK &sr, size_t &witness) const
bool isZero (const StandardRepK &sr, size_t &witness) const
bool isFinal (const StandardRepK &sr, size_t &witness) const
void normalize (StandardRepK &sr) const
q_Char q_normalize_eq (const StandardRepK &sr, size_t witness) const
q_Char q_reflect_eq (const StandardRepK &sr, size_t i, Weight lambda, const Weight &cowt) const
TitsElt titsElt (const StandardRepK &s) const
KGBEltList sub_KGB (const PSalgebra &q) const
PSalgebra theta_stable_parabolic (const StandardRepK &sr, WeylWord &conjugator) const
CharForm K_type_formula (const StandardRepK &sr, level bound=~0u)
q_CharForm q_K_type_formula (const StandardRepK &sr, level bound=~0u)
HechtSchmid HS_id (const StandardRepK &s, RootNbr alpha) const
HechtSchmid back_HS_id (const StandardRepK &s, RootNbr alpha) const
q_Char q_HS_id_eq (const StandardRepK &s, RootNbr alpha) const
level height (const StandardRepK &s) const
level height_bound (const Weight &lambda)
 Lower bound for height of representation after adding positive roots. More...
std::ostream & print (std::ostream &strm, const StandardRepK &sr) const
std::ostream & print (std::ostream &strm, const Char &ch) const
std::ostream & print (std::ostream &strm, const q_Char &ch) const

Private Types

typedef HashTable< StandardRepK, seq_noHash

Private Member Functions

const combinationequate (seq_no n, const combination &rhs)

Private Attributes

StandardRepK::Pooltype nonfinal_pool
StandardRepK::Pooltype final_pool
Hash nonfinals
Hash finals
std::vector< levelheight_of
graded_compare height_graded
std::vector< combinationexpanded

Member Typedef Documentation

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

atlas::standardrepk::KhatContext::KhatContext ( RealReductiveGroup &  G)

Member Function Documentation

combination atlas::standardrepk::KhatContext::branch ( seq_no  s,
level  bound 
const combination & atlas::standardrepk::KhatContext::equate ( seq_no  n,
const combination rhs 
void atlas::standardrepk::KhatContext::go ( const StandardRepK sr)
level atlas::standardrepk::KhatContext::height ( seq_no  i) const
const graded_compare& atlas::standardrepk::KhatContext::height_order ( ) const
matrix::Matrix_base< CharCoeff > atlas::standardrepk::KhatContext::K_type_matrix ( std::set< equation > &  system,
level  bound,
std::vector< seq_no > &  reps,
matrix::Matrix_base< CharCoeff > *  direct_p 
equation atlas::standardrepk::KhatContext::mu_equation ( seq_no  n,
level  bound = ~0u 
seq_no atlas::standardrepk::KhatContext::nr_reps ( ) const
std::ostream & atlas::standardrepk::KhatContext::print ( std::ostream &  strm,
const combination ch,
bool  brief = false 
) const
StandardRepK atlas::standardrepk::KhatContext::rep_no ( seq_no  i) const
std::vector< equation > atlas::standardrepk::KhatContext::saturate ( const std::set< equation > &  system,
level  bound 
combination atlas::standardrepk::KhatContext::standardize ( const StandardRepK sr)
combination atlas::standardrepk::KhatContext::standardize ( const Char chi)
combination atlas::standardrepk::KhatContext::truncate ( const combination c,
level  bound 
) const

Member Data Documentation

std::vector<combination> atlas::standardrepk::KhatContext::expanded
StandardRepK::Pooltype atlas::standardrepk::KhatContext::final_pool
Hash atlas::standardrepk::KhatContext::finals
graded_compare atlas::standardrepk::KhatContext::height_graded
std::vector<level> atlas::standardrepk::KhatContext::height_of
StandardRepK::Pooltype atlas::standardrepk::KhatContext::nonfinal_pool
Hash atlas::standardrepk::KhatContext::nonfinals

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