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atlas::involutions::Cartan_orbits Class Reference

#include <involutions.h>

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class  comparer

Public Member Functions

 Cartan_orbits (const RootDatum &rd, const WeightInvolution &theta, const TwistedWeylGroup &tW)
void set_size (CartanNbr n_Cartans)
void add (InnerClass &G, CartanNbr cn)
const Cartan_orbitoperator[] (CartanNbr cn) const
CartanNbr Cartan_class (InvolutionNbr i) const
CartanNbr Cartan_class (const TwistedInvolution &tw) const
size_t total_size (const BitMap &Cartan_classes) const
comparer less () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from atlas::involutions::InvolutionTable
 InvolutionTable (const RootDatum &, const WeightInvolution &, const TwistedWeylGroup &)
size_t size () const
bool unseen (const TwistedInvolution &tw) const
InvolutionNbr nr (const TwistedInvolution &tw) const
unsigned int semisimple_rank () const
const weyl::TI_Entryinvolution (InvolutionNbr n) const
const WeightInvolutionmatrix (InvolutionNbr n) const
const WeightInvolutionmatrix (const TwistedInvolution &tw) const
unsigned int length (InvolutionNbr n) const
unsigned int Weyl_length (InvolutionNbr n) const
unsigned int length (const TwistedInvolution &tw) const
unsigned int Weyl_length (const TwistedInvolution &tw) const
const Permutation & root_involution (InvolutionNbr n) const
RootNbr root_involution (InvolutionNbr n, RootNbr alpha) const
const RootNbrSetimaginary_roots (InvolutionNbr n) const
const RootNbrSetreal_roots (InvolutionNbr n) const
const RootNbrSetcomplex_roots (InvolutionNbr n) const
size_t imaginary_rank (InvolutionNbr n) const
const RootNbrListimaginary_basis (InvolutionNbr n) const
RootNbr imaginary_basis (InvolutionNbr n, weyl::Generator i) const
size_t real_rank (InvolutionNbr n) const
const RootNbrListreal_basis (InvolutionNbr n) const
RootNbr real_basis (InvolutionNbr n, weyl::Generator i) const
bool is_complex_simple (InvolutionNbr n, weyl::Generator s) const
bool is_imaginary_simple (InvolutionNbr n, weyl::Generator s) const
bool is_real_simple (InvolutionNbr n, weyl::Generator s) const
bool is_complex_descent (InvolutionNbr n, RootNbr alpha) const
void reduce (TitsElt &a) const
const SmallSubspacemod_space (InvolutionNbr n) const
bool equivalent (const TorusElement &t1, const TorusElement &t2, InvolutionNbr i) const
RatWeight fingerprint (const TorusElement &t, InvolutionNbr i) const
y_entry pack (const TorusElement &t, InvolutionNbr i) const
KGB_elt_entry x_pack (const GlobalTitsElement &x) const
bool x_equiv (const GlobalTitsElement &x0, const GlobalTitsElement &x1) const
void real_unique (InvolutionNbr i, RatWeight &y) const
TorusPart pack (InvolutionNbr i, const Weight &lambda_rho) const
Weight unpack (InvolutionNbr i, TorusPart y_part) const
mapper as_map () const
InvolutionNbr add_involution (const TwistedInvolution &tw)
InvolutionNbr add_cross (weyl::Generator s, InvolutionNbr n)
void reserve (size_t s)

Private Member Functions

unsigned int locate (InvolutionNbr i) const

Private Attributes

std::vector< Cartan_orbitorbit
std::vector< unsigned int > Cartan_index

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from atlas::involutions::InvolutionTable
const RootDatum & rd
const WeightInvolutiondelta
const TwistedWeylGroup & tW

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

atlas::involutions::Cartan_orbits::Cartan_orbits ( const RootDatum &  rd,
const WeightInvolution theta,
const TwistedWeylGroup &  tW 

Member Function Documentation

void atlas::involutions::Cartan_orbits::add ( InnerClass &  G,
CartanNbr  cn 
CartanNbr atlas::involutions::Cartan_orbits::Cartan_class ( InvolutionNbr  i) const
CartanNbr atlas::involutions::Cartan_orbits::Cartan_class ( const TwistedInvolution &  tw) const
comparer atlas::involutions::Cartan_orbits::less ( ) const
unsigned int atlas::involutions::Cartan_orbits::locate ( InvolutionNbr  i) const
void atlas::involutions::Cartan_orbits::set_size ( CartanNbr  n_Cartans)
size_t atlas::involutions::Cartan_orbits::total_size ( const BitMap &  Cartan_classes) const

Member Data Documentation

std::vector<unsigned int> atlas::involutions::Cartan_orbits::Cartan_index
std::vector<Cartan_orbit> atlas::involutions::Cartan_orbits::orbit

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