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atlas::blocks::param_block Class Reference

#include <blocks.h>

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Public Member Functions

const InnerClass & innerClass () const
const InvolutionTable & involution_table () const
RealReductiveGroup & realGroup () const
const RatWeightgamma () const
KGBElt parent_x (BlockElt z) const
const TorusElement & y_rep (KGBElt y) const
RatWeight nu (BlockElt z) const
Weight lambda_rho (BlockElt z) const
RatWeight lambda (BlockElt z) const
RankFlags singular_simple_roots ()
bool survives (BlockElt z) const
BlockEltList survivors_below (BlockElt z) const
virtual KGBElt xsize () const
virtual KGBElt ysize () const
virtual const TwistedInvolution & involution (BlockElt z) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from atlas::blocks::Block_base
 Block_base (const KGB &kgb, const KGB &dual_kgb)
 Block_base (unsigned int rank)
virtual ~Block_base ()
 Block_base (const Block_base &b)
size_t rank () const
size_t folded_rank () const
size_t size () const
const DynkinDiagram & Dynkin () const
ext_gen orbit (weyl::Generator s) const
const std::vector< ext_gen > & fold_orbits () const
KGBElt x (BlockElt z) const
KGBElt y (BlockElt z) const
virtual BlockElt element (KGBElt x, KGBElt y) const
 Look up element by |x|, |y| coordinates. More...
size_t length (BlockElt z) const
BlockElt length_first (size_t l) const
BlockElt cross (weyl::Generator s, BlockElt z) const
BlockEltPair cayley (weyl::Generator s, BlockElt z) const
BlockEltPair inverseCayley (weyl::Generator s, BlockElt z) const
const DescentStatus & descent (BlockElt z) const
DescentStatus::Value descentValue (weyl::Generator s, BlockElt z) const
bool isWeakDescent (weyl::Generator s, BlockElt z) const
bool isStrictAscent (weyl::Generator, BlockElt) const
 Tells if s is a strict ascent generator for z. More...
bool isStrictDescent (weyl::Generator, BlockElt) const
 Tells if s is a strict descent generator for z. More...
weyl::Generator firstStrictDescent (BlockElt z) const
 Returns the first descent for z (the number of a simple root) that is not imaginary compact, or rank() if there is no such descent. More...
weyl::Generator firstStrictGoodDescent (BlockElt z) const
 Returns the first descent for z (the number of a simple root) that is either complex or real type I; if there is no such descent returns |rank()|. More...
BlockElt Hermitian_dual (BlockElt z) const
BlockEltPair link (weyl::Generator alpha, weyl::Generator beta, BlockElt y) const
std::ostream & print_to (std::ostream &strm, bool as_invol_expr) const
virtual std::ostream & print (std::ostream &strm, BlockElt z, bool as_invol_expr) const =0
BruhatOrder & bruhatOrder ()
kl::KLContextklc (BlockElt last_y, bool verbose)

Protected Member Functions

 param_block (const Rep_context &rc, unsigned int rank)
void compute_duals (const InnerClass &G, const SubSystem &rs)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from atlas::blocks::Block_base
KGBElt renumber_x (const std::vector< KGBElt > &new_x)
void compute_first_zs ()

Protected Attributes

const Rep_context & rc
RatWeight infin_char
RankFlags singular
std::vector< KGBEltkgb_nr_of
std::vector< KGBEltx_of
y_entry::Pooltype y_pool
y_part_hash y_hash
- Protected Attributes inherited from atlas::blocks::Block_base
std::vector< EltInfoinfo
std::vector< std::vector< block_fields > > data
std::vector< ext_genorbits
std::vector< BlockEltd_first_z_of_x
DynkinDiagram dd
BruhatOrder * d_bruhat

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

atlas::blocks::param_block::param_block ( const Rep_context &  rc,
unsigned int  rank 

Member Function Documentation

void atlas::blocks::param_block::compute_duals ( const InnerClass &  G,
const SubSystem &  rs 
const RatWeight& atlas::blocks::param_block::gamma ( ) const
const InnerClass & atlas::blocks::param_block::innerClass ( ) const
const TwistedInvolution & atlas::blocks::param_block::involution ( BlockElt  z) const
const InvolutionTable & atlas::blocks::param_block::involution_table ( ) const
RatWeight atlas::blocks::param_block::lambda ( BlockElt  z) const
Weight atlas::blocks::param_block::lambda_rho ( BlockElt  z) const
RatWeight atlas::blocks::param_block::nu ( BlockElt  z) const
KGBElt atlas::blocks::param_block::parent_x ( BlockElt  z) const
RealReductiveGroup & atlas::blocks::param_block::realGroup ( ) const
RankFlags atlas::blocks::param_block::singular_simple_roots ( )
bool atlas::blocks::param_block::survives ( BlockElt  z) const
BlockEltList atlas::blocks::param_block::survivors_below ( BlockElt  z) const
virtual KGBElt atlas::blocks::param_block::xsize ( ) const
const TorusElement& atlas::blocks::param_block::y_rep ( KGBElt  y) const
virtual KGBElt atlas::blocks::param_block::ysize ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

RatWeight atlas::blocks::param_block::infin_char
std::vector<KGBElt> atlas::blocks::param_block::kgb_nr_of
const Rep_context& atlas::blocks::param_block::rc
RankFlags atlas::blocks::param_block::singular
std::vector<KGBElt> atlas::blocks::param_block::x_of
y_part_hash atlas::blocks::param_block::y_hash
y_entry::Pooltype atlas::blocks::param_block::y_pool

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