h Zuckerman Conference: Speakers
Representation Theory and Mathematical Physics
Conference in honor of Gregg Zuckerman's 60th birthday
Yale University, October 24-27, 2009

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Speakers and Titles:

Barbasch, Dan (Cornell)

Dirac cohomology and unipotent representations
Frenkel, Igor (Yale)

Vertex operator algebras and semi-infinite cohomology
Gaitsgory, Dennis (Harvard)

A certain chiral algebra appearing in the geometric Langlands correspondence
Garland, Howard (Yale)

A Siegel-Weil Theorem for Loop Groups
Howe, Roger (Yale)

Maxwell, Casimir, Zuckerman
Kobayashi, Toshiyuki (Tokyo)

Branching problems for Zuckerman's derived functor modules
Kostant, Bert (MIT)

On three exotic finite subgroups of E8 and polynomial invariants of degrees 30, 24, and 20
Lisi, Garrett (FQXi)

E8 Theory
Lusztig, George (MIT)

Cyclic quivers and antiorbital complexes
Penkov, Ivan (Jacobs University, Bremen)

Locally semisimple and maximal subalgebras of sl(∞), o(∞), sp(∞)
Sally, Paul (Chicago)

Supertempered Distributions on Reductive Groups
Schmid, Wilfried (Harvard)

Hodge structures and unitary representations
Serganova, Vera (Berkeley)

On the category of integrable modules over direct limits of classical Lie algebras
Speh, Birgit (Cornell)

Restrictions of Unitary Representations: Examples and Applications to Automorphic Forms
Stein, Elias (Princeton)

Singular integrals, old and new
Trapa, Peter (Univeristy of Utah)

Functors between representations of real and p-adic groups
Vogan, David (MIT)

The translation principle and Hermitian forms
Willenbring, Jeb (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee)

Tensor powers of the oscillator representation and the spherical principal series of GL(n,R)