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Workshop on Unitary Representation of Reductive Groups
Computing Information

Here is information about connecting to the University of Utah wireless network. Use the UGuest access (no softare required). If you have an eduroam account from your home institution you can use thBBBBat.

Here is the workshop.rx file, list of commands, and record of talk 1 from Annegret Paul's talks.

Workshop participants:The atlas software is available on a workstation on which all workshop participants have an account. (If you are attending the conference, but not the workshop, and would like access to this machine see Jeffrey Adams.)

To use the software:

1) your username is the part of your email address before the @ sign, and the password is what follows the @ sign. For example if youro email address is, your username is bourbaki, and your password is 1) ssh to; indicate your username using -l (on a mac, open a terminal window):
ssh -l username
enter your password at the prompt
3) Change your password right away using the passwd command.
4) to run atlas, give the command atlas
5) to run the realex interface to atlas: cd to the rx-scripts directory, and give the command realex. Then read in some useful files, we recommend the command (within realex): < my

Note: This is a freestanding workstation, with very little installed on it besides the atlas software, and no local connection to other machines. You cannot send or receive mail, use a browser, etc. All files on the machine will be deleted at the end of the conference/workshop. If you want to make arrangements to copy files see Jeffrey Adams.