Atlas Software: Instructional Videos

Instructional videos on the atlas software.

Online Training Videos

Session 1, part A, February 16, 2016
Session 1, part B, February 16, 2016
Session 2, part A, March 1, 2016
Session 2, part B, March 1, 2016
Session 3, part A, March 15, 2016
Session 3, part B, March 15, 2016
Session 4, part A, March 15, 2016
Session 4, part B, March 15, 2016

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Atlas Startup Options:

Atlas Startup Options: starting the software so that it finds the necessary *.at files

Changing Coordinates: how to change the coordinates Atlas uses to something more convenient

Other instructional videos will be found here as they become available.

Starting with Version 0.6, January 2016, the following videos are out of date (how out of date depends on the video). In Version 0.6 what used to be called atlas is now Fokko, and what used to be called realex is now atlas. Virtually all users should now be using atlas.

Downloading and installing the software under Windows
Getting started with realex
Start here to learn the very basics of the realex interface to the atlas software.
Modules in realex
This (long) video explains some new features of realex, including "modules" notation I(p) and J(p), translation functors, and coherent continuation.

Recorded Tutorials

Several older tutorials. These will be replaced with tutorials from the new online training.

Introduction to Realex
Covers the basics of realex, some overlap with the Getting Started video.
Theta stable induction
This is a fairly advanced video about some new features of realex, primarily induction from theta-stable parabolics. (At the beginning of the video the bottom line is slow to appear, but this is resolved at about 15 minutes.)