atlas  0.6
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weyl.cpp File Reference

Implementation of WeylGroup. More...

#include "weyl.h"
#include <algorithm>
#include <set>
#include <stack>
#include "ratvec.h"
#include "dynkin.h"
#include "permutations.h"
#include "prerootdata.h"
#include "rootdata.h"
#include "blocks.h"
#include "sl_list.h"
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Twist atlas::weyl::make_twist (const RootDatum &rd, const WeightInvolution &d)
 Returns the twist defined by |d| relative to |rd|. More...


const WeylElt::EltPiece atlas::weyl::UndefEltPiece = UndefValue
const Generator atlas::weyl::UndefGenerator = UndefValue

Detailed Description

Implementation of WeylGroup.

I have decided to represent elements as fixed-size arrays of unsigned characters. This forces expressing things in the standard ordering of the generators, and hence to have a small I/O interface for resetting the numbering to and from the numbering used by the outside world.

It has seemed to me that this is the best compromise between size of the dataype, generality and efficiency. [Fokko du Cloux]