atlas  0.6
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atlas::filekl::block_info Struct Reference

#include <filekl_in.h>

Public Member Functions

 block_info (std::ifstream &in)
BlockElt primitivize (BlockElt x, BlockElt y) const
const prim_listprims_for_descents_of (BlockElt y)

Public Attributes

unsigned int rank
BlockElt size
unsigned int max_length
std::vector< BlockEltstart_length
descent_set_vector descent_set

Private Member Functions

bool is_primitive (BlockElt x, const RankFlags d) const

Private Attributes

ascent_table ascents
prim_table primitives_list

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

block_info::block_info ( std::ifstream &  in)

Member Function Documentation

bool block_info::is_primitive ( BlockElt  x,
const RankFlags  d 
) const
BlockElt block_info::primitivize ( BlockElt  x,
BlockElt  y 
) const
const prim_list & block_info::prims_for_descents_of ( BlockElt  y)

Member Data Documentation

ascent_table atlas::filekl::block_info::ascents
descent_set_vector atlas::filekl::block_info::descent_set
unsigned int atlas::filekl::block_info::max_length
prim_table atlas::filekl::block_info::primitives_list
unsigned int atlas::filekl::block_info::rank
BlockElt atlas::filekl::block_info::size
std::vector<BlockElt> atlas::filekl::block_info::start_length

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