atlas  0.6
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atlas::dynkin Namespace Reference


class  DynkinDiagram


typedef std::pair< unsigned char, unsigned char > Edge
typedef unsigned char Multiplicity


RankFlagsList components (const DynkinDiagram &d)
Permutation normalize (const DynkinDiagram &d)
LieType Lie_type (const int_Matrix &cm)
LieType Lie_type (const int_Matrix &cm, bool Bourbaki, bool check, Permutation &pi)
Permutation bourbaki (const DynkinDiagram &d)

Typedef Documentation

typedef std::pair<unsigned char, unsigned char> atlas::dynkin::Edge
typedef unsigned char atlas::dynkin::Multiplicity

Function Documentation

Permutation atlas::dynkin::bourbaki ( const DynkinDiagram d)

Synopsis: Returns some permutation that will take |d| to Bourbaki form

This means that nodes of the diagram |d| taken in the order |a[0],...,a[r-1]| traverse each of its connected components consecutively, and in the order prescribed by the the Bourbaki conventions for the type of that component

RankFlagsList atlas::dynkin::components ( const DynkinDiagram d)
LieType atlas::dynkin::Lie_type ( const int_Matrix cm)
LieType atlas::dynkin::Lie_type ( const int_Matrix cm,
bool  Bourbaki,
bool  check,
Permutation &  pi 
Permutation atlas::dynkin::normalize ( const DynkinDiagram d)