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partition Class Reference
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Public Types

typedef atlas::int_Vector iv
typedef std::vector< partitionPooltype

Public Member Functions

 partition (const iv &v)
size_t hashCode (size_t modulus) const
bool next ()
bool dual_next ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from atlas::matrix::Vector< int >
 Vector ()
 Vector (size_t n)
 Vector (const base &b)
 Vector (size_t n, intc)
 Vector (I b, I e)
Vectoroperator+= (const Vector &)
Vectoroperator-= (const Vector &)
Vectoroperator*= (int)
 Scalar multiplies by |c|. More...
Vectornegate ()
Vectornegate_add (const Vector &y)
Vectoradd (I b, intc)
Vectorsubtract (I b, intc)
C1 dot (const Vector< C1 > &v) const
bool isZero () const
Vector operator+ (const Vector &v) const
Vector operator- (const Vector &v) const
Vector operator- () const
Vector operator* (intc) const
Vector< C1 > scaled (C1 c) const
Matrix< int > row_matrix () const
Matrix< int > column_matrix () const

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::vector<partition> partition::Pooltype

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

partition::partition ( const iv v)

Member Function Documentation

bool partition::dual_next ( )
size_t partition::hashCode ( size_t  modulus) const
bool partition::next ( )

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