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atlas::commands::CommandTree Class Reference

#include <commands.h>

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Public Member Functions

 CommandTree (const CommandNode &root)
 ~CommandTree ()
CommandTreeadd_descendant (const CommandNode &c)
void run () const
void activate () const
std::vector< const char * > extensions (const char *) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from atlas::commands::CommandNode
 CommandNode (const char *, void(*entry)()=&relax_f, void(*exit)()=&relax_f)
 ~CommandNode ()
const char * prompt () const
void addCommands (const CommandNode &source)
void add (const char *const name, action_pointer f, const char *const tag, action_pointer help_f=nohelp_h)
void nohelp_add (const char *const name, action_pointer f)
void exit () const

Private Member Functions

size_t n_desc () const
const CommandTreenextMode (unsigned int i) const
bool has_descendant (const CommandTree *mode) const
CommandNode::const_iterator look_up (const char *name, CheckResult &status, CommandTree const *&where) const
void extensions (std::set< const char *, StrCmp > &, const char *) const

Private Attributes

std::vector< CommandTree * > d_nextList

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Types inherited from atlas::commands::CommandNode
typedef CommandDict::const_iterator const_iterator
- Protected Member Functions inherited from atlas::commands::CommandNode
void add (const char *const name, const Command &action)
const_iterator find (const char *name) const
const_iterator find_prefix (const char *name) const
void entry () const
const_iterator begin () const
const_iterator end () const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

atlas::commands::CommandTree::CommandTree ( const CommandNode root)
atlas::commands::CommandTree::~CommandTree ( )

Member Function Documentation

void atlas::commands::CommandTree::activate ( ) const
CommandTree & atlas::commands::CommandTree::add_descendant ( const CommandNode c)
std::vector< const char * > atlas::commands::CommandTree::extensions ( const char *  name) const
void atlas::commands::CommandTree::extensions ( std::set< const char *, StrCmp > &  e,
const char *  name 
) const
bool atlas::commands::CommandTree::has_descendant ( const CommandTree mode) const
CommandNode::const_iterator atlas::commands::CommandTree::look_up ( const char *  name,
CheckResult status,
CommandTree const *&  where 
) const
size_t atlas::commands::CommandTree::n_desc ( ) const
const CommandTree& atlas::commands::CommandTree::nextMode ( unsigned int  i) const
void atlas::commands::CommandTree::run ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

std::vector<CommandTree*> atlas::commands::CommandTree::d_nextList

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