atlas  0.6
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blocks.h File Reference
#include <cassert>
#include <iostream>
#include "ratvec.h"
#include "../Atlas.h"
#include "tits.h"
#include "descents.h"
#include "dynkin.h"
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struct  atlas::blocks::ext_gen
class  atlas::blocks::Block_base
struct  atlas::blocks::Block_base::EltInfo
struct  atlas::blocks::Block_base::block_fields
class  atlas::blocks::Block
 Represents a block of representations of an inner form of G. More...
class  atlas::blocks::param_block
class  atlas::blocks::non_integral_block
class  atlas::blocks::nblock_elt
class  atlas::blocks::nblock_help




typedef HashTable< y_entry, KGBElt > atlas::blocks::y_part_hash
typedef Block_base::EltInfo atlas::blocks::block_elt_entry
typedef HashTable< block_elt_entry, BlockEltatlas::blocks::block_hash


TwistedInvolution atlas::blocks::dual_involution (const TwistedInvolution &w, const TwistedWeylGroup &tW, const TwistedWeylGroup &dual_tW)
 Returns the twisted involution dual to |w|. More...
std::vector< BlockEltatlas::blocks::dual_map (const Block_base &b, const Block_base &dual_b)
BitMap atlas::blocks::common_Cartans (RealReductiveGroup &GR, RealReductiveGroup &dGR)
DynkinDiagram atlas::blocks::folded (const DynkinDiagram &diag, const std::vector< ext_gen > &orbit)