Tables of Representation Theory

The tables contain the output of the atlas software package, of the following commands

The directory structure is precise, and somewhat elaborate. For example:
E6: tables for E6
E6/simplyConnected: simply connected complex group
E6/simplyConnected/splitInnerClass: groups in this inner class (split and K=F4)
/tables/representations/E6/adjoint/splitInnerClass/split/dualT1D5: block of representations of simply connected split group E6, dual to (adjoint) Hermitian symmetric group (with K=T1D5) In each hiearchy are files blocksizes and kgb at the appropriate level.

For example, for the block of the simply connected split group of type E6, dual to T1D5 (Hermitian symmetric):
 E6/simplyConnected/splitInnerClass/blocksizes for the sizes of the blocks
 E6/simplyConnected/splitInnerClass/split/kgb for the K\G/B orbits

Tables of representation theory for type:
A1 (complete)
B2 (complete)
E6 (complete)
E7 (complete)
E8 (partial)

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