atlas  0.6
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subquotient.cpp File Reference

Template definitions for the classes |Subspace| and |Subquotient|. More...

#include "subquotient.h"
#include <cassert>
#include "bitset.h"
#include "../Atlas.h"
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template<size_t dim>
BitMatrix< dim > atlas::subquotient::subquotientMap (const Subquotient< dim > &source, const Subquotient< dim > &dest, const BitMatrix< dim > &m)
template BitMatrix< constants::RANK_MAX > atlas::subquotient::subquotientMap (const Subquotient< constants::RANK_MAX > &, const Subquotient< constants::RANK_MAX > &, const BitMatrix< constants::RANK_MAX > &)

Detailed Description

Template definitions for the classes |Subspace| and |Subquotient|.

These class templates deal with subspaces and subquotients of vector spaces over $Z/2Z$, elements of which are of type |BitVector|.