atlas  0.6
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rootdata.cpp File Reference
#include "rootdata.h"
#include <cassert>
#include <set>
#include "arithmetic.h"
#include "lietype.h"
#include "dynkin.h"
#include "lattice.h"
#include "bitmap.h"
#include "prerootdata.h"
#include "matreduc.h"
#include "ratvec.h"
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struct  rootdata::RootSystem::root_compare
class  atlas::rootdata::weight_compare




RatWeight atlas::rootdata::rho (const RootDatum &rd)
RatCoweight atlas::rootdata::rho_check (const RootDatum &rd)
CoweightInvolution atlas::rootdata::dualBasedInvolution (const WeightInvolution &q, const RootDatum &rd)
RootNbrSet atlas::rootdata::makeOrthogonal (const RootNbrSet &o, const RootNbrSet &subsys, const RootSystem &rs)
 Returns the elements of |subsys| which are orthogonal to all elements of |o|. More...
void atlas::rootdata::toDistinguished (WeightInvolution &q, const RootDatum &rd)
 Transforms q, assumed a root datum involution, into a based root datum involution w.q, which fixes the positive Weyl chamber. More...
WeylWord atlas::rootdata::wrt_distinguished (const RootSystem &rs, RootNbrList &Delta)
void atlas::rootdata::make_positive (const RootSystem &rs, RootNbr &alpha)
WeylWord atlas::rootdata::conjugate_to_simple (const RootSystem &rs, RootNbr &alpha)
WeightInvolution atlas::rootdata::refl_prod (const RootNbrSet &rset, const RootDatum &rd)
RootDatum atlas::rootdata::integrality_datum (const RootDatum &rd, const RatWeight &gamma)
unsigned int atlas::rootdata::integrality_rank (const RootDatum &rd, const RatWeight &gamma)
RationalList atlas::rootdata::integrality_points (const RootDatum &rd, const RatWeight &gamma)