atlas  0.6
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parsetree.h File Reference
#include <iostream>
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include "parse_types.h"
#include ""
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void atlas::interpreter::destroy_expr (expr_p p)
expr_p atlas::interpreter::make_int_denotation (int val, const YYLTYPE &loc)
expr_p atlas::interpreter::make_bool_denotation (bool val, const YYLTYPE &loc)
expr_p atlas::interpreter::make_string_denotation (std::string *val_p, const YYLTYPE &loc)
expr_p atlas::interpreter::make_applied_identifier (id_type id, const YYLTYPE &loc)
expr_p atlas::interpreter::make_dollar (const YYLTYPE &loc)
expr_p atlas::interpreter::make_break (unsigned n, const YYLTYPE &loc)
expr_p atlas::interpreter::make_die (const YYLTYPE &loc)
expr_p atlas::interpreter::make_return (expr_p exp, const YYLTYPE &loc)
raw_expr_list atlas::interpreter::make_exprlist_node (expr_p e, raw_expr_list raw)
raw_expr_list atlas::interpreter::reverse_expr_list (raw_expr_list raw)
expr_p atlas::interpreter::wrap_tuple_display (raw_expr_list l, const YYLTYPE &loc)
expr_p atlas::interpreter::wrap_list_display (raw_expr_list l, const YYLTYPE &loc)
void atlas::interpreter::destroy_exprlist (raw_expr_list l)
expr_p atlas::interpreter::make_application_node (expr_p f, raw_expr_list r_args, const YYLTYPE &loc, const YYLTYPE &left, const YYLTYPE &right)
expr_p atlas::interpreter::make_application_node (expr_p f, expr_p arg, const YYLTYPE &loc)
expr_p atlas::interpreter::make_unary_call (id_type name, expr_p a, const YYLTYPE &loc, const YYLTYPE &op_loc)
expr_p atlas::interpreter::make_binary_call (id_type name, expr_p x, expr_p y, const YYLTYPE &loc, const YYLTYPE &op_loc)
expr_p atlas::interpreter::make_negation (expr_p e, const YYLTYPE &loc)
raw_form_stack atlas::interpreter::start_formula (expr_p e, id_type op, int prio, const YYLTYPE &op_loc)
raw_form_stack atlas::interpreter::start_unary_formula (id_type op, int prio, const YYLTYPE &op_loc)
raw_form_stack atlas::interpreter::extend_formula (raw_form_stack pre, expr_p ep, id_type op, int prio, const YYLTYPE &op_loc)
expr_p atlas::interpreter::end_formula (raw_form_stack pre, expr_p ep, const YYLTYPE &loc)
void atlas::interpreter::destroy_formula (raw_form_stack s)
raw_patlist atlas::interpreter::make_pattern_node (raw_patlist prev, raw_id_pat &pattern)
void atlas::interpreter::destroy_pattern (raw_patlist p)
void atlas::interpreter::destroy_id_pat (const raw_id_pat &p)
raw_patlist atlas::interpreter::reverse_patlist (raw_patlist raw)
raw_let_list atlas::interpreter::make_let_node (raw_id_pat &pattern, expr_p val)
raw_let_list atlas::interpreter::append_let_node (raw_let_list prev, raw_let_list cur)
expr_p atlas::interpreter::make_let_expr_node (raw_let_list d, expr_p b, const YYLTYPE &loc)
std::pair< id_pat, expr > atlas::interpreter::zip_decls (raw_let_list d)
void atlas::interpreter::destroy_letlist (raw_let_list l)
void atlas::interpreter::destroy_type (type_p t)
void atlas::interpreter::destroy_type_list (raw_type_list t)
expr_p atlas::interpreter::make_lambda_node (raw_patlist p, raw_type_list tl, expr_p b, const YYLTYPE &loc)
expr_p atlas::interpreter::make_conditional_node (expr_p c, expr_p t, expr_p e, const YYLTYPE &loc)
expr_p atlas::interpreter::make_int_case_node (expr_p s, raw_expr_list i, const YYLTYPE &loc)
expr_p atlas::interpreter::make_while_node (expr_p b, unsigned flags, const YYLTYPE &loc)
expr_p atlas::interpreter::make_for_node (raw_id_pat &id, expr_p ip, expr_p b, unsigned flags, const YYLTYPE &loc)
expr_p atlas::interpreter::make_cfor_node (id_type id, expr_p c, expr_p l, expr_p b, unsigned flags, const YYLTYPE &loc)
expr_p atlas::interpreter::make_subscription_node (expr_p a, expr_p i, bool reversed, const YYLTYPE &loc)
expr_p atlas::interpreter::make_slice_node (expr_p a, expr_p lower, expr_p upper, unsigned flags, const YYLTYPE &loc)
expr_p atlas::interpreter::make_cast (type_p t, expr_p e, const YYLTYPE &loc)
expr_p atlas::interpreter::make_op_cast (id_type name, type_p t, const YYLTYPE &loc)
expr_p atlas::interpreter::make_assignment (id_type id, expr_p r, const YYLTYPE &loc)
expr_p atlas::interpreter::make_multi_assignment (raw_id_pat &lhs, expr_p r, const YYLTYPE &loc)
expr_p atlas::interpreter::make_comp_ass (expr_p l, expr_p r, const YYLTYPE &loc)
expr_p atlas::interpreter::make_comp_upd_ass (expr_p l, id_type op, expr_p r, const YYLTYPE &loc, const YYLTYPE &op_loc)
expr_p atlas::interpreter::make_recfun (id_type f, expr_p d, const YYLTYPE &loc, const YYLTYPE &f_loc)
expr_p atlas::interpreter::make_sequence (expr_p f, expr_p l, unsigned which, const YYLTYPE &loc)
id_type atlas::interpreter::lookup_identifier (const char *name)
void atlas::interpreter::include_file (int skip_seen)
std::ostream & atlas::interpreter::operator<< (std::ostream &out, const source_location &sl)
std::ostream & atlas::interpreter::operator<< (std::ostream &out, const expr &e)
bool atlas::interpreter::is_empty (const expr &e)
std::ostream & atlas::interpreter::operator<< (std::ostream &out, const id_pat &p)