atlas  0.6
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lietype.cpp File Reference
#include <cassert>
#include "lietype.h"
#include "constants.h"
#include "matreduc.h"
#include "matrix.h"
#include "../Atlas.h"
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void atlas::lietype::addCompactInvolution (WeightInvolution &, size_t, size_t, const Permutation &pi)
void atlas::lietype::addDInvolution (WeightInvolution &, size_t, size_t, const Permutation &pi)
void atlas::lietype::addMinusIdentity (WeightInvolution &, size_t, size_t, const Permutation &pi)
void atlas::lietype::addSimpleInvolution (WeightInvolution &, size_t, const SimpleLieType &, TypeLetter, const Permutation &pi)
int atlas::lietype::dispatch (TypeLetter tp, size_t r, size_t min, size_t d, bool lower)
LieType atlas::lietype::dual_type (LieType lt)
InnerClassType atlas::lietype::dual_type (InnerClassType ict, const LieType &lt)
 Returns dual inner class type of |ict| with respect to |lt|. More...
Layout atlas::lietype::dual (const Layout &lo)
bool atlas::lietype::checkRank (const TypeLetter &x, size_t l)
WeightInvolution atlas::lietype::involution (const Layout &lo)
WeightInvolution atlas::lietype::involution (const LieType &lt, const InnerClassType &ict)