atlas  0.6
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lattice.cpp File Reference

Implementation for namespace lattice. More...

#include "lattice.h"
#include <cassert>
#include "tags.h"
#include "matrix.h"
#include "matreduc.h"
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template<typename I , typename O >
void atlas::lattice::baseChange (I first, I last, O out, I firstb, I lastb)
 Functions for working with lattices. More...
template<typename I , typename O >
void atlas::lattice::inverseBaseChange (I first, I last, O out, I firstb, I lastb)
CoweightList atlas::lattice::perp (const WeightList &b, size_t r)
 Returns a basis of the orthogonal of the sublattice generated by b in Z^r. More...
LatticeMatrix atlas::lattice::kernel (const LatticeMatrix &M)
LatticeMatrix atlas::lattice::eigen_lattice (LatticeMatrix M, LatticeCoeff lambda)
LatticeMatrix atlas::lattice::row_saturate (const LatticeMatrix &M)
template void atlas::lattice::baseChange (WeightList::iterator, WeightList::iterator, std::back_insert_iterator< WeightList >, WeightList::iterator, WeightList::iterator)

Detailed Description

Implementation for namespace lattice.

This module defines some more general lattice functions.