atlas  0.6
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innerclass.h File Reference
#include "../Atlas.h"
#include "tags.h"
#include "bitmap.h"
#include "permutations.h"
#include "cartanclass.h"
#include "involutions.h"
#include "poset.h"
#include "rootdata.h"
#include "tits.h"
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class  atlas::innerclass::InnerClass
struct  atlas::innerclass::InnerClass::C_info




WeylWord atlas::innerclass::canonicalize (TwistedInvolution &sigma, const RootDatum &rd, const TwistedWeylGroup &W, RankFlags gens)
void atlas::innerclass::Cayley_and_cross_part (RootNbrSet &Cayley, WeylWord &cross, const TwistedInvolution &ti, const RootSystem &rs, const TwistedWeylGroup &W)
RealFormNbr atlas::innerclass::real_form_of (InnerClass &G, TwistedInvolution tw, const RatCoweight &torus_factor, RatCoweight &coch)
RatCoweight atlas::innerclass::some_coch (const InnerClass &G, cartanclass::square_class csc)
Grading atlas::innerclass::grading_of_simples (const InnerClass &G, const RatCoweight &coch)
Grading atlas::innerclass::compacts_for (const InnerClass &G, TorusElement coch)
containers::sl_list< TorusPart > atlas::innerclass::preimage (const Fiber &fund_f, const cartanclass::square_class csc, const cartanclass::FiberElt y, const cartanclass::AdjointFiberElt image)
void atlas::innerclass::twisted_act (const InnerClass &G, const TwistedInvolution &tw, Weight &v)
void atlas::innerclass::twisted_act (const InnerClass &G, const TwistedInvolution &tw, RatWeight &v)
void atlas::innerclass::twisted_act (const InnerClass &G, Weight &v, const TwistedInvolution &tw)
void atlas::innerclass::twisted_act (const InnerClass &G, RatWeight &v, const TwistedInvolution &tw)