atlas  0.6
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cartanclass.h File Reference
#include "../Atlas.h"
#include "tags.h"
#include "bitset.h"
#include "partition.h"
#include "involutions.h"
#include "tori.h"
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class  atlas::cartanclass::Fiber
class  atlas::cartanclass::CartanClass




CoweightInvolution atlas::cartanclass::adjoint_involution (const RootSystem &rs, const InvolutionData &id)
Weight atlas::cartanclass::compactTwoRho (AdjointFiberElt x, const Fiber &f, const RootDatum &rd)
Grading atlas::cartanclass::restrictGrading (const RootNbrSet &rs, const RootNbrList &rl)
Grading atlas::cartanclass::specialGrading (const Partition &fg_partition, RealFormNbr rf, RankFlags imaginary_simples)
RootNbrSet atlas::cartanclass::toMostSplit (const Fiber &fundf, RealFormNbr rf, const RootSystem &rs)