atlas  0.6
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block_io.h File Reference
#include <iosfwd>
#include "../Atlas.h"
#include "bitset.h"
#include "ext_block.h"
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std::ostream & atlas::block_io::printBlockU (std::ostream &strm, const Block &block)
std::ostream & atlas::block_io::printDescent (std::ostream &strm, const DescentStatus &ds, size_t rank, RankFlags mask)
std::ostream & atlas::block_io::print_twist (std::ostream &strm, const Block_base &block)
std::ostream & atlas::block_io::print_KL (std::ostream &f, param_block &block, BlockElt z)
const char * atlas::ext_block::descent_code (DescValue v)