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arithmetic.h File Reference
#include "arithmetic_fwd.h"
#include <iostream>
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class  atlas::arithmetic::Rational
class  atlas::arithmetic::Split_integer




template<typename I >
atlas::arithmetic::divide (I, Denom_t)
template<typename I >
Denom_t atlas::arithmetic::remainder (I, Denom_t)
Denom_t atlas::arithmetic::gcd (Numer_t, Denom_t)
Denom_t atlas::arithmetic::unsigned_gcd (Denom_t a, Denom_t b)
Denom_t atlas::arithmetic::div_gcd (Denom_t a, Denom_t b)
Denom_t atlas::arithmetic::lcm (Denom_t a, Denom_t b, Denom_t &gcd, Denom_t &mult_a)
Denom_t atlas::arithmetic::power (Denom_t x, unsigned int n)
Denom_t atlas::arithmetic::modAdd (Denom_t, Denom_t, Denom_t)
Denom_t atlas::arithmetic::modProd (Denom_t a, Denom_t b, Denom_t n)
std::ostream & atlas::arithmetic::operator<< (std::ostream &out, const Rational &frac)
Denom_t atlas::arithmetic::divide (Denom_t a, Denom_t b)